Climate Conference in Durban – What’s the deal?

With all the speculation as to whether or not Global Warming is real – the question has to be asked.  Is it just a coincidence that since  temperature records were first recorded way back in 1850, the hottest 13 years on this record occurred in the past 15?  We’ve passed crack science and hippies.  The … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street Thoughts

I respect my brothers and sisters in tents across this country.  What I do not respect is the brutality and harsh criticism they have received from law enforcement and the political conservatives.  I am not pointing fingers at anyone, but what I am saying is there are laws in place to protect the rights of … Continue reading

Max Richter keeps getting better

A few years ago I stumbled upon Max Richter’s Blue Notebooks and fell in love. It was poignant and true to who I was at the time. As I’ve gotten older, so too has Richter. His maturity and honesty are shining though the sparse grey tapestry he paints. I recently listened to Infra, a ballet … Continue reading