A day that will live in infamy

It was seventy years ago today that the United States realized they were not invincible.  Even with the Pacific and Atlantic oceans on our borders, we assumed that we were untouchable by Asia and Europe.  It was the day we realized we were wrong.

Our countrymen were slaughtered in the Harbor, the greatest sacrifice that should not have been.  While I will not get into the specifics of the war, that day changed everyone’s life in this country and the world.  The US entered the war officially after this unjust declaration of war from the Japanese, and then we changed the course of history.

What bothers me is not the war, the death, or the fact that there are many parallels from this day to our own recent history.  It is simply that we are forgetting.  As the WWII generation passes on, their knowledge and history is being lost.  We do not emphasis the World Wars in history classes as we should, these wars although horrific formed the world we live in now.

I wonder when my generation is old and lessening in numbers daily, if we will still remember 9/11 as we do now.  Certainly, the parallel is there – a surprise attack from an unlikely source across an ocean in the lull of complacency.

Granted in 1941 WWII was already raging in Europe and Asia had just entered the fold, so we should not have been so taken off-guard as we were.  In 2001, with the festering spirit of hatred toward the US abroad and the recent attacks upon our allies, we should not have been taken off-guard either.

This is what we must remember from these tragedies, although we are isolated the world is getting smaller.  With recent news from Russia in regards to the nuclear reduction efforts, Pakistan/Israel/Iran issues that are inevitable to end in bloodshed, we need to remember.

I am not one for pushing a defense budget, especially the current one we have – it is ludicrous.  What I am pushing for is teaching.  We need to educate out children and our country of the past.  As Lincoln said: “What is taught in the classroom today is the government of tomorrow.”  Every tragedy is one that could have been prevented.  December 7, 1941 should never be forgotten, lest we repeat the same mistake.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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