Abre tus Ojos

I am a creature of habit – always have been, always will be.  I like my routine (once I get used to it) and ain’t nobody nohow gonna stop me. I get on the Metro or bus, have my headphones firmly in place, usually reading my Kindle or the Express, and try my damnedest not … Continue reading

Sail on Silver Girl

In the process of getting in new computer I made a friend.  However random that may sound, I can simply say “Only me.” As a Grad Student, my most valuable possession is my computer – I live and breathe and swear and die by the thing.  When it finally bit the dust with a high … Continue reading

Times they are a’changin’

A bit of clarification: I am a trained Opera singer, classical pianist, and orchestral conductor.  I try not to be a snob, but apparently if you have these qualifications you inherently are. C’est le vie. My favorite music to listen to: Folk, blues, jazz. Am I less of a snob now? I had the joy … Continue reading