Sail on Silver Girl

In the process of getting in new computer I made a friend.  However random that may sound, I can simply say “Only me.”

As a Grad Student, my most valuable possession is my computer – I live and breathe and swear and die by the thing.  When it finally bit the dust with a high pitch squeal from the charger going to meet its maker and followed up with the blue screen of death on low battery with the fans freezing up, I cheered.  I don’t know too many other folks who would do the same, but quite honestly I have been waiting for my three year old behemoth of a PC to die so I could finally get my hands on a sleek (and portable) Mac.

Could I have resurrected my lump of plastic and metal?  Probably, but at what cost to my wallet and my psyche?  Not to mention how many more inglorious days would it have lasted?

I immediately got on the phone to Apple, mainly because I couldn’t get the student discount online.  To my surprise, I won the Apple Agent Lottery.  My transaction should have taken roughly five minutes to complete, but alas, what fun is there in that?  Absolutely none, and when I’m already hopped up on happy feelings and achievable high expectations while talking to a real live person in the US, that conversation needed to last a few minutes more.

My seemingly limitless joy made an impact on my Apple Agent, Ryan.  First, I was just amazed that I could talk to a real person in less then a minute – with a PC that would have taken days (quite literally).  So when he revealed that he was based out of Austin, Texas you could imagine my interest in SXSW (which is coming up very shortly).  Turns out Ryan is not only an Indie Music guy but also worked for the Mouse like me – Florida, not Cali.

So here I am, talking to this awesome person in Texas who should just be placing an order, but is so interesting and kind (major brownie points to Apple for snagging him) that I find myself not wanting to hang up

Then he gave me his email and told me not to jam it with 30 questions in the first day.  Not to worry, I won’t but that doesn’t mean I won’t send him 28 or 29 – just on the cusp of crazy. 🙂  So I sent out an email the other night, expecting a curt response or none at all

Looks like I have a pen pal in Austin now, who knew?

Title of first email:  Email Number One.

Title of first reply:  Email Response Number One.

And here’s my smile for the day: 🙂




Thoughts? Ideas?

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