Abre tus Ojos

I am a creature of habit – always have been, always will be.  I like my routine (once I get used to it) and ain’t nobody nohow gonna stop me.

I get on the Metro or bus, have my headphones firmly in place, usually reading my Kindle or the Express, and try my damnedest not to make eye contact with anyone.  Yes this makes my life easy-shmeasy, but what has this world come to?  Why are we so fixated on not connecting by any means other than social media?  Are we all secretly socially awkward and afraid?

My Kindle got left at home today – frankly because I’m too tired to even hold it up to read it right now.  Instead, it was just some music – and with four other folks on the bus all looking away from my general direction, I was free to let my eyes roam about the cabin if you will.  I became privy to conscience of sight.  The filtering of the early sun through dingy windows creating ghostly shapes on grey plastic and spotted upholstery.  The defeated expression of a weary woman who sat silently accepting her fate without frustration to traffic.

Then my eyes wandered to the world around me.  The glaring light of day shining off of oversized homes.  Each house in a row fenced off from the world, walled up to barricade someone inside.  The realization that we are so greedy that nothing matters more than status, that if this world came to an end the survivors would lament the lose of material possessions.  The overabundance of affluence – nothing is ever enough.  When will we realize that we do not inherit the earth from our parents but rather borrow the earth from our decedents?

When you step outside today in the crisp air and golden light look around at the concrete jungle surrounding you.  Would you rather walk on the grass or the cold artificial concrete?  Would you rather eat fruit you grew and harvested or whatever is cheapest in the store – even though it’s covered in chemicals that are killing not only you but the earth?  Would you rather hear a bird chirp or an engine wiz by with no concern for you safety?  Would a tree be preferable to a skyscraper, the smell of the coming spring more enjoyable to the burnt oil of the subway?

Abre tus ojos, abre tu mente.


Thoughts? Ideas?

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