Heart of the Matter

I’m not one to brag about my accomplishments or to interject my achievements into conversation, but in this case, I must make an exception.  Today I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC.  While you may either say, “you’re insane” or “pfft, Half Marathons are for pansies,” today all I’ll say to you is I was compelled.

My time for the course was not impressive by any standards, 2:47:51; but those two hours and forty-seven minutes created one of the impressive achievements in my life.  I have never run a Half Marathon, let alone more than 6 miles in one day.  There were good intentions for training and preparing for this Half, but they were derailed in late February by a 2nd degree sprain to my left ankle that took 4 weeks to heal.  Then at the beginning of April, a kidney stone, followed by a sliced open sole on my right foot later that week, followed by a second kidney stone which caused a blockage/swollen kidney just 6 days ago (that was a fun ER visit).  Needless to say, training properly for a Half was not only futile but also dangerous to my health and recovery from these issues.

So why did I even attempt this Half, instead of backing out and taking the easy route?  Because: I was compelled.  I was compelled to receive a Tiffany necklace (the finishers medal), I was compelled to actually complete 13.1 miles in one shot, but most importantly, I was compelled to prevail over the challenges I’ve faced.  In short, this race was not about the race itself, but rather about me and my sheer will power to succeed; and I carpe diem’ed the beegeezees out of it.

I set three goal times for myself for this race: 3:20 – taking it easy, completing, and saying I had done it; 2:55 – my true goal time; and 2:40  – my dream time.  Coming around to the end of the race, I saw the 20K mark at 2:47 (because of my corral, my race started 6-7 minutes after the official start).  I was overjoyed, mainly because I knew that even if I just walked it in, I would be sub-3.  Let me first note that I had been pushing myself since mile 5, challenging my mind and body to just keep going.  So when I saw that my true goal time was achievable, I nearly cried from happiness.  As I turned the final corner, staring at the Finish Line seemingly so far off, my body hurting, sore, and nearly unresponsive to my requests; I listened to the crowd cheering us on.  Did they have any idea of our own personal struggles to even make this time?

I sprinted across the Finish Line and ended up with a time I cannot only be proud of, but triumphant.  As I sprinted my head filled with Vini, Veni, Vechi and “Oh, dear God, I bested what I had set out to do!”  I could have never run, I could have given up, but instead I challenged myself to do my best – and I did.  I ran from the heart today, there is no other explanation.

6 Responses to “Heart of the Matter”
  1. This is probably one of my favorite race recaps ever!! So beautifully written! I am glad you completed this race and you have every right to be beaming with pride! Great job!

    • Jennie Sue says:

      Thank you so much! There was a team coach towards mile 11 that was cheering us on with, “You’ve already won! Most people are too afraid to even try!” That little gem got me through to the end because I almost became one of those most people.

  2. museikchik says:

    Good job!!!! 🙂

  3. Jueseppi B. says:


    ( ° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ♥ ❀ ✿ Namaste ❀ ✿ ♥

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