Ivory Tucked Fleece Jacket

Having now weathered two real winters in DC, I have finally figured out what is required clothing wise for the season.  Main issue for me is tights – I hate – HATE – wearing pants to work.  I like my feminine side to show and I feel more comfortable in skirts as it is.  You’ll see a bunch of those couture creations soon.  But for now, it’s the fleece jacket.

Here’s the pattern – which I got so long ago with the Blizzard Fleece that it is out of print now:


Simplicity It’s So Easy 2808

Here’s the fabric, contrast thread, and buttons:


Nautical theme = happy me!

So, I didn’t always have a good hand at doing tucks and darts. This was the main reason for the project about 5 years ago.  But now, these things are quite easy for me, mainly because I took the time to do them with precision.  Pulled out my 16 inch ruler and went to town on these guys.  In total, the jacket has 16 tucks and 2 darts.  Oye!


Mother Tucker! 🙂

After about 2 hours prepping these tucks, I called it a night and waited until yesterday to sew this puppy up.


HerMerGerd! So many tucks!

The pattern itself is sound, fits great straight out, which is rare.  Minus some annoyance with the four layers of fabric  and double interfacing around the collar, the jacket was pretty easy to sew.  The only qualm I have is the buttons, which were supposed to fit, but didn’t after following the instructions to a ‘T’.  I’m thinking I may just get four small toggles and snip off the loops.


Forgive the weird bottom coloring – it’s a shadow I couldn’t get rid of… :-/

The inside took a bit of time, with full slip stitching of the entire facing and back hem, but the result is moderately pleasing.


Inside facing completely slipstitched all the way around. The pattern only called for the front & sides. I’m obsessive so the collar got the same treatment.

I wouldn’t mind doing this jacket again, but for interest and diversity in look, I’d probably reverse the tucks to have the lovely seams show.


Terrible selfie, but what’s a girl to do?

Some details about the garment: Blizzard Fleece fabric from JoAnns, Medium-weight Fusible Interfacing on collar and front/back facing, Blue contrast top-stitching on cuffs and collar.  Total prep time: 4 hours – hey, I told you I’m a perfectionist!  Total machine sewing time: 3 hours.  Total hand sewing time: 1.5 hours.  Now to find some cute toggles!

2 Responses to “Ivory Tucked Fleece Jacket”
  1. Mary Beth says:

    O-oooo, cute! The garment is so much more “balanced” with the rest of you than I thought it could possibly be. Great job!

    • Jennie Sue says:

      Thank you! I was so happy when I didn’t have to make alterations to it after measuring out the pattern – normally Simplicity is evil for me when it comes to the bust and shoulders.

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