The Underlining Issue

I went to bed last night super happy that I had finished cutting out the grey jacket and lining fabric.  It was all: “Great!  Tomorrow I’ll just snip out the fusible interfacing and get the ball rolling – easy peasy!”


Woke up this morning wrote a few pages in my thesis, and then took a look at the pathetically tiny pile of fabric that was to be my jacket:


What?! That’s it?!

Oh dear.  I picked up the pile just to feel the weight – no way is this a blazer.  It felt just like having a piece of cake that’s all frosting and one bite of actual cake.  PROBLEM.  So what on earth am I going to do now?  I spent about an hour thinking about it and then decided on something that is going to destroy my patience capacity but make me oh-so-happy with the end product.

Couture. FML.

Raided my stash of fabrics to see if it was even possible.  Sadly, it is.  I’m stuck, I have to. *small sniffle of defeat* So I pulled out the thin cotton sheeting – which is super soft and airy (it was for a toga party that ended up not happening) and the silk organza remnants from a failed attempt at an organza skirt – I told you I fall on my face more often than not.


What have I gotten myself into?

The white cotton is the underlining for the entirety of the fashion fabric and the organza is what I’m using in place of interfacing – at least for the front panels.


More cutting, cutting, cutting…

I know what you’re thinking, “that collar…those flaps…they need a little more than just a bit of organza to hold their shape Jenn!”  Yes, they do.  But, in all my fabric hording greatness I just so happen to have a heavy nylon mesh left over from a costume.  One piece per collar and each flap will be more than sufficient.


Yup, it’s red – BUT – it’s going to be sandwiched between a total of six layers of fabric.

Bonus though – I can draw ALL over the underling.  No worries about bleed through or faulty products.


Now, that feels like a piece of cake with just the right amount of frosting!

I’ll update with the progress of the underlining as well as my way of constructing the collar and flaps sans fusible interfacing.  Bring it on couture techniques!  I’m all sorts of ready for you!

4 Responses to “The Underlining Issue”
  1. MaryKS says:

    I think this is a genius solution! I look forward to seeing your next post on this project.

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Flannel from an old shirt would also be a traditional underlining for a jacket.

    • Jennie Sue says:

      So true! I’ll probably go this route with the next blazer (heavier wool/cotton blend) on the list, but this fabric has such a great drape that I didn’t want to bulk it up too much.

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