Hit by the Wedding Bug…

There’s been an awful lot of wedding talk in my family recently, what with my twin sister getting married and all.  Her wedding is shaping up to be an absolutely stunning barn/ranch in San Lois Obisbo, shabby chic, totally her affair with about 150 guests.  And her dress?  Don’t get me started, it’s unbelievable!  Gorgeous in every way, perfect on her, perfect for her, and perfect for her wedding.  (Wish I could post a pic of her in it, but in the very off chance her fiancé happens to see this – Nope.)

But…when someone close to you, like a sister, is getting married the thoughts start coming into your mind – what would you want if you get married?  I’ve even had a pinterest board since my sis needed me to start one up for her wedding.  This isn’t vain or expectant, it’s purely a self reflection of what I’d think would be my perfect day.

So the few things I have decided (which in all honesty might change given any circumstances)

I’m making my own wedding dress, just like my mom did.  This is non-negotiable.  Heck, I already have the overlay fabric, which was bought when I was single and ready to mingle!  It’s a beautiful champagne silk organza with those little spun marks like dupioni throughout.  Here’s an idea of what I’d like, mind you I can alter and handwork it to my heart’s content and desire:

Tea Length, higher neck, some sort of cap sleeve to 3/4, nipped waist, and full skirt.

Tea Length, higher neck, some sort of cap sleeve to 3/4, nipped waist, and full skirt.

I want a small wedding.  No, scratch that – I want a tiny wedding!  There are 12-14 people I want around me on my big day, immediate family and their significant others, and 3 friends and their significant others (maybe one friend’s parents who are like my second Mom and Dad).  That’s it, at least from my side.  And hopefully whomever the poor soul is who actually wants to marry this crazy chick is on the same page with size.

I want an intimate dinner party feel.  I’m not foreseeably a traditional bride, I don’t particularly care for dancing, sweating, looking like a mess by the end of the night, not eating, and having to say awkward hellos and thank you’s to folks I don’t know well.  It’s just not who I am!  Besides, a luxurious dinner with close friends and family means I’d get to eat, not break the bank, and be able to talk to everyone in attendance without feeling like I’m rushing through a mental checklist of who I’ve talked to and who I haven’t.  Here’s that idea:

Outdoor version...

Outdoor version…

Indoor version

Indoor version


I want a Van Gogh theme.  Also non-negotiable.  The colors are midnight blue and yellow with sunflowers and an assortment of blue flowers.  And I want the feel to be like this famous painting:

van gogh cafe

I want to relax on my wedding day; I want to enjoy the moments – all of them.  I don’t want to feel like I’m putting on a show, but rather I’m treating my friends and family to the most special moment of my life and letting them join in on the reverie.  I don’t want my wedding to be about the wedding, I want it to be about the joining of two souls and two families.

Yeah, I got a bit sappy there at the end, but it’s the honest truth.  I don’t want a spectacular wedding, I want a happy and wholesome marriage.


Thoughts? Ideas?

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