The Tulle Experiment

I’ve spent a lot of time already on this tulle project, so I’d really like it to work… AND IT IS! I took stacks (12 different colors of light and dark) of tulle and wrapped them around these and then cut the rounded edge and the straight bottom: Look at all that tulle! And to … Continue reading


Death Panel for the Arts: Final Part

What happened during this nine-year battle is the interesting.  The NEA from 1982 to 1995 was granting individual artists in six different fields, “Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking/Drawing/Artist Books, Photography, Crafts, and Conceptual/ Performance/ New Genres.” (Dowley, p128)  But Congress, in upheaval from Mapplethorpe and Serrano eliminated funding for all visual and performance artists in 1995.  Section … Continue reading

Death Panel for the Arts: Part 2

The NEA decency panels did not think that her offensive material was suitable for the American public though.  After first being approved for the grant by a panel consisting of “diverse artistic and cultural points of view, wide geographic, ethnic, and minority representation, and lay individuals who are knowledgeable about the arts.” (NEA v. Finley), … Continue reading