Put a Bird on it!

In my attempt to make over my room for the first time since I moved all the way across the country, I stumbled upon the fabric that has taken Pinterest and Etsy by storm.  The Barber Bird!  I’m doing accents of yellow in the new fabrics all over my room, but I didn’t want to … Continue reading

Vintage 60’s Nightstand Refurbishment

After some serious Pinterest/Craigslist hunting, I figured out and found the gem that was missing in my bedroom: a nightstand to hold all my hair and nail crap in one relatively organized place.  Sweet baby Jesus did that take forever!  The piece I found was $25.  OMG!  Solid wood, vintage construction, AND $25.  Yes, take … Continue reading

The Tulle Experiment

I’ve spent a lot of time already on this tulle project, so I’d really like it to work… AND IT IS! I took stacks (12 different colors of light and dark) of tulle and wrapped them around these and then cut the rounded edge and the straight bottom: Look at all that tulle! And to … Continue reading