Just two reasons to hate NCLB

Harpers Ferry

In a cliché that defines No Child Left Behind: NCLB left the disadvantaged children of the United States behind.  The sweeping legislation did not account for cost of implementation, the exogenous factors of student life, student transfer rates (overcrowding and discrimination), and the capacity of states to create and implement the plans of adherence. As … Continue reading

Death Panel for the Arts: Final Part

What happened during this nine-year battle is the interesting.  The NEA from 1982 to 1995 was granting individual artists in six different fields, “Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking/Drawing/Artist Books, Photography, Crafts, and Conceptual/ Performance/ New Genres.” (Dowley, p128)  But Congress, in upheaval from Mapplethorpe and Serrano eliminated funding for all visual and performance artists in 1995.  Section … Continue reading

Death Panel for the Arts: Part 2

The NEA decency panels did not think that her offensive material was suitable for the American public though.  After first being approved for the grant by a panel consisting of “diverse artistic and cultural points of view, wide geographic, ethnic, and minority representation, and lay individuals who are knowledgeable about the arts.” (NEA v. Finley), … Continue reading