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Originally posted on Karen Zgoda, LMSW:
UPDATE January 28, 2014: Now available in doll form! Courtesy of reader Deanna Foster who writes, “A very good friend of mine is doing her PhD, and I was inspired by your blog to give her a “Graduate School Barbie” for Christmas. I made some modifications to a barbie I picked…

Going Home

On my recent trip back to DC, I flew on United 856 – non-stop from LAX to Dulles.  After waking up at 3AM to get to the Airport Bus of Bakersfield by 4:30AM, I was greeted by a bus ride over the Grapevine (for those of you who are not Cali savvy – it’s the … Continue reading

What is that falling from the sky?

In comparison to other languages, we have a pathetic grasp of differentiating types of snow.  We have to say mix every time we talk about something other than regular snow, and often the regular snow isn’t even regular.  Oye!  So what to do?  Time to Palinize the weather and create our own words… So the … Continue reading