Time for a Change

Sure, we’ve all seen them, those pesky before and after photos of people who used to be fat and now are skinny.  Then you see a familiar face, the ugly duckling so to speak in high school who no one gave a second thought to because she was chubby.  Now she’s gorgeous, married, and did … Continue reading

I miss you California

I was recently asked what I liked most about living in DC and I couldn’t give an answer.  Not because my mind was bursting with joy, but because I am so desperately homesick I almost can’t stand it.  Don’t get me wrong, DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland (those in the know call it the … Continue reading

Abre tus Ojos

I am a creature of habit – always have been, always will be.  I like my routine (once I get used to it) and ain’t nobody nohow gonna stop me. I get on the Metro or bus, have my headphones firmly in place, usually reading my Kindle or the Express, and try my damnedest not … Continue reading