Public and Private Sector Wage Disparity

To begin looking at the actually case studies coming out of New England and Minnesota, first, we need to look at the overall data.  The Center for Economic and Policy Research released a study, “The Wage Penalty for State and Local Government Employees” in 2010 that discussed the actual earnings of state and local workers … Continue reading

Wait…What was that?

The contestation of discount rates in states and municipalities is completely based in speculation.  All projected return rates from markets are, just as titled, presumptive.  The true issue at hand is whether or not to operate the pension fund accounting in a conservative or risky manner.  Surely, in 2010, when the average return rate was … Continue reading

Blueprint for Reform is better than NCLB

The Blueprint for Reform’s proposal to define the federal role in education as “shifting from a focus merely on compliance to allowing state and local innovation to flourish” is ideological at best.  While the proposal is a vast improvement on the NCLB legislation in terms of complexity and flexibility, it still does not completely solve … Continue reading