A Plea for Cultural Education

The taboo subject of race and ethnicity in the country has stalemated progress for equity of access and achievement in racial and ethnic minorities.  The glaring exception to this fact is the Asian populations who are still strife with their own issues, but are on par with whites.  The historical impediments to equal education are … Continue reading


Income Gap and Charter Schools

RR5   Amy Wells’ Social Context of Charter Schools sheds much needed light on the ineffectiveness and underperforming so-called solution of Charter schools.  Particularly, with the recent report of charter schools serving far less disabled students than traditional public schools (TPS’s), her account of inequality and increased segregation of socioeconomic status (SES) and racial groups … Continue reading

Ideas on Urban Schools

After reading Pedro Noguera’s City Schools and the American Dream, I am concerned about the capacity to which the public can have an impact on Urban Schools.  While he explains that small ventures have been successful, and large ideas have mainly failed, he still maintains hope that a large implementation will be the source of … Continue reading