A Plea for Cultural Education

The taboo subject of race and ethnicity in the country has stalemated progress for equity of access and achievement in racial and ethnic minorities.  The glaring exception to this fact is the Asian populations who are still strife with their own issues, but are on par with whites.  The historical impediments to equal education are … Continue reading


Just two reasons to hate NCLB

Harpers Ferry

In a cliché that defines No Child Left Behind: NCLB left the disadvantaged children of the United States behind.  The sweeping legislation did not account for cost of implementation, the exogenous factors of student life, student transfer rates (overcrowding and discrimination), and the capacity of states to create and implement the plans of adherence. As … Continue reading

Education Panel: Emanuel, Villaraigosa, Bloomberg, and Sec. Duncan

I promise I’ll get to Super Tuesday tomorrow, but today I really need to discuss the Education Panel at which I was present. The Panel was Education Now: Cities at the Forefront of Reform and consisted of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and Secretary of Education … Continue reading