Climate Conference in Durban – What’s the deal?

With all the speculation as to whether or not Global Warming is real – the question has to be asked.  Is it just a coincidence that since  temperature records were first recorded way back in 1850, the hottest 13 years on this record occurred in the past 15?  We’ve passed crack science and hippies.  The truth of the matter is, the scientists are right – it’s not just the natural ebb and flow of the weather causing this.

The reluctance to believe the hippies and the scientists does not stem from the evidence, but rather from the Oil and Coal companies.  Oh, the joys of effective marketing and money, making you believe something that ultimately is bad for you.  Clean energy from fossil fuels is an oximoron.  Dirty energy from wind, solar, geothermal, and water frankly isn’t too possible.  So how do we tell the fact from the fiction?  Thankfully the Earth has provided all the evidence we need: melting polar ice, higher water levels on every coast (impacting smaller island countries severely), more severe and unpresidented weather in every country, extinction of species, hotter summers and worse draughts, poorer air quality, stronger UV index recordings.  The list goes on and on, everything on this earth is connected, whether or not we care to think that way, it is.

Every action we take creates an equal reaction, so spewing pollution from an industrial complex will have an equal reverse impact on the environment.  This is our Earth, this is our home, we can’t just create new air out of nothing, we can’t just slap a band-aid on and say it’s all better.  Mostly, we can’t just let someone buy their way out of their impact, if anyone other than China even has money currently.

In a recession, the best thing to do is spend money on infrastructure.  It energizes the spending base, it pulls the economy out of the dumps, so why aren’t we capitalizing on this situation?  (I’m not going to get into all the details of why people don’t, frankly thats 14 other posts.)  If we spent money on Green solutions rather than the standard, we would not only help ourselves now, but in the future, and our children’s future.  We have to start thinking ahead and taking responsibilities for our actions.

Nothing will get done in Durban this year and the international reasons are immense.  First, it seems that Canada will be pulling out of the Kyoto Accord (which the US never signed anyway) which will cause a multitude of other nations to pull out as well.  China and India refuse to put caps or regulations on their pollution because they say they are developing their industries.  Why can’t they develop their industries with Green technology?  Because it costs more and it’s too hard.  The US, Russia, and the EU refuse to impose restrictions because China and India won’t.  So we’re at what seems to be a stalemate.

Does anyone else get the feeling that all of these countries are like children on a playground bickering over who gets picked first for kick ball?

Here’s the deal kids, it’s really not that difficult.  Buck up, suck it up, and deal.  The future of technology is just waiting to be unleashed, kick-start our economy and do it!  It’s time to stop thinking that your home nation is the priority, the world is the priority – realize that and we can get so much more done.  There should be no bottom line to the protection of the human race, because ultimately that’s what we’re talking about.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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