What is that falling from the sky?

In comparison to other languages, we have a pathetic grasp of differentiating types of snow.  We have to say mix every time we talk about something other than regular snow, and often the regular snow isn’t even regular.  Oye!  So what to do?  Time to Palinize the weather and create our own words…

So the precipitation words we do have are: Snow (duh), Rain (duh), Sleet (which no one really gets anyway), Hail (which only happens in the warmer months btw), and Freezing Rain (which just confuses the beegeezees out of everyone).

Then we have the snow qualifiers: Flurry (which always makes me think of a fluffy poodle), Pack (it’s on the ground and hard – this one ain’t imaginative), Slush (why do I think of blue tongues?), Drift (apparently it’s not hard on the ground), Powder (now I just want to bake a cake so I can make the icing), and Blizzard (Dairy Queen anyone?).

I have a few suggestions to help with the ridiculous lack of clarity when it comes to our weather…

(I just liked saying this, that’s why they’re on the list.)

1.  Roop – heavy and wet snow that is just out of rain range.

2.  Slint – A cross between that stinging sleet and softer snow – yeah, we know that one…

3.  Fronow – That beautiful frosty sparkling snow that is so indicative of Christmas, but which rarely comes.

4.  Plurn – powdery flurries that accumulates to a slushy frost on the ground.

5.  Blishon – a blizzard that is warmer than usual producing a wetter snow then the stinging and biting snow of a harsh blizzard.

6.  Slizz – a harsh downpour of sleet that hurts when caught outside in.

7.  Melown – pronounced like the fruit, it’s that snow that melts on the ground because it is still too warm.

Just some food for thought all…any other ideas?

Thoughts? Ideas?

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